At Your Disservice
Greetings you weak minded fools. I am the Malevolent One but you can all call me, Mal. Don't make me mad and I'm sure we'll get along fine.
(An indie rp/ask blog of a TD AU Mal who is the dominate personality after getting rid of Mike. Multi-ship & big time NSFW. Mun and muses are over the age of 18 or is 18 basically. Crossovers and ocs welcome.) M!A: Mal - Accepting. Manitoba - Accepting. Svetlana: Accepting.
FC: Mal - N/A, Manitoba - Indiana Jones, Svetlana - N/A, Mun - N/A
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To all of my followers that have been nice and supportive to me as well as stood by me, my opinions and my reasons for being a Mike fan.